About Us

British Egyptian Company for export

is a company founded on three pillars: quality,commitment, and reliability. It also mirrors diligence and dedication Since its inception,the company has nursed an ambition to be a preferred supply chain partner of agro products in the international market by providing quality herbs and spices Medicinal Herbs and has attained a Good reputation of being a reliable and committed supplier.

We have committed ourselves over years to achieve the highest standard of quality at competitive prices and what helped us to achieve this goal is that we have our own farms to get raw materials from so This makes our traceability procedure of all products very easy and accurate as it enables us to fully control all steps production from cultivating, harvesting, drying, handling, processing, storing, packing to the final step which is shipping to our customers.

We have also possibilities in cleaning, grinding, sterilizing, repacking and testing the goods in an independent accredited laboratory.

We are able to further assure the quality of our products by processing and packaging in Our factory according to Good Manufacturing Practices. We utilize stringent quality control in our material handling procedures to assure that any impurities are removed So we offer products comply with European Union regulations

Our main products are : Basil / Marjoram / Parsley / Dill / Spearmint / Peppermint / Hibiscus Oregano / Thyme / Rosemary / Sage / Fennel seeds / Caraway seeds / Anise seeds / Fenugreek / Coriander seeds , leaves / Chamomile / Lemon Grass /Calendula / and other

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